Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Psychology, A Christian Perspective by Dr. Tim Rice

Dr. Tim Rice has done a wonderful job of explaining what Psychology is and has taken the fear out of studying it. He explains the difference between Psychology’s worldview and Christianity’s worldview and why we as Christians should not be hesitant to study Psychology. Since our minds were created by God, studying how the mind works can bring us closer to Him. Psychology affects all areas of our lives. The world would have us to believe that mental and emotional pain comes from anything other than sin and blames everything from chemical imbalances to bad parenting for the cause of it.

Dr. Rice’s chapters discuss the brain and the nervous system, sensation and perception, motivation and emotion, learning and memory, human development, consciousness, thinking, language and intelligence, personality, abnormal psychology, treatment, social psychology and research methods. At the end of each chapter you will find a chapter summary and a review to get students thinking about what they have learned. Included are photographs and diagrams to further the student’s understanding. This program will help students know their worldviews and will also help them answer questions about moral absolutes and more. The time to study this science is while our children are still home with us and before they launch out into the universities where they will be fed many views that are contrary to the views in our homes.

I highly recommend this program for your high school student!

Dr. Tim Rice


kathi harper hill said...

This book is a must for any student, but especially students who are considering any kind of career in the mental health field. One of the most important ways to prepare ourselves for the world is to be knowleable about the world from the view point of the One who created it. This book does that. There are many people crying out for help today, and one needs to be ready to offer that help in a Christ-like way. This book helps prepare a person to offer assistance in a way that would please Christ.

Homeschool Psych said...

Thank you Sherri. I know this took a lot of your time and I appreciate it.